Jangal Publishing House is one of the largest printing companies in Iran, competing with international standards using high-quality and cutting-edge equipment.

Since 1999, when Jangal Printing Company started printing its first books under the supervision of Jangal Publishing, the company has steadily moved towards providing printing services for various organizations and institutions, ranging from printing books and notebooks to more delicate printing products such as Holy Quran books, magazines, and planners. Today Jangal Printing Company offers quality printing services and promotional products such as catalogs, brochures, ….

During the last two years, Jangal Printing Company has been investing in and importing the best and most cutting-edge printing equipment. As a result, Jangal Publishing House has been able to increase the speed of printing processes for various products using this new machinery and equipment, while improving the quality and reducing the final cost of products to meet the demands of the market.

Jangal Printing Company with its team of 400 employees and round-the-clock support and customer care services tries to provide the full range of printing services to meet the needs of its valued users. Pre-processing, printing, and packaging are all performed in the same printing house, ensuring high quality and on-time services. Fortunately, Jangal Printing Company has been able to elicit the trust of its valued customers including Mahan Air Airline, Novine Rooz Magazine, Pars Khazar Company, Pakshooma Company, Easy Pipe Company, and other valued clients and organizations by providing diverse and high-quality printing services.

Our motto is based on honesty with our customers and providing the highest quality at affordable prices. Work with Jangal Printing Company and enjoy our high-end products and services at cost-effective rates.

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